How I Can Help Production Yacht Companies Enhance Their Yacht Designs

As a passionate yacht designer, sailor and boatbuilder, I understand the challenges faced by production boat companies in creating outstanding Yachts that impress both seasoned sailors and new enthusiasts. That’s where I come in!
I have worked with many Boatbuilders and clients in designing and helping put boats into production.

My goal is to design visually appealing and distinctive boats that enhance your brand’s image and attract discerning clients.
With my technical expertise in hydrodynamics, materials, and structural engineering, I design yachts that prioritise performance, speed, efficiency, and stability, incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced sailing capabilities to create distinctive boats that deliver on the water.
By partnering with your production yacht company, I can create boats that perfectly align with owners’ needs through customisable features, ergonomic layouts, and enhanced functionality, ensuring optimal comfort for the owners’ requirements.
As a yacht designer experienced in both design and boat building, I can streamline your production processes, help reduce costs, and improve productivity, allowing your company to deliver exceptional quality yachts efficiently.
Partner with me as a yacht designer to create outstanding boats that blend aesthetics, performance, and functionality. Setting new standards for production yachts.

If you’re a boatbuilder or customer wanting to create a successful production yacht

T8 currently being built in England

This is the T8

Some examples of successful production boats designed by Steve

List of Production yachts designed by Tboats

T8 Griffin UK
Viper 830 USA
Stomp 38 Vietnam
T980 Australia
T870 Australia
T7 Australia
L680 Europe/China
T30New Zealand

FAQ regarding the design of production yachts:

Building production yachts is cost effective, standardise quality, and faster delivery times compared to the custom and one-off yachts. It is also easier to produce boat in quantity to satisfy a large market.
Yes we have designed production techniques to build boats in limited production numbers that is cost effective to setup.
Firstly we need to look at the market you are building a boat for and decide on the type of boat and numbers required. Then we can outline sketches for the boat, make a cost and feasibility study and design the production method to suit. Once we have agreed with the builder on that major parameters then the real design work starts with production drawings for the boat and moulds.
Of course this will depend on the type and size of yacht to be built.
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