T870 Design

Dimensions :

8.7 m
3.1 m
2.4 m
Sailing weight
1950 kg
Crew Weight
510 kg
Complete boat
750 kg
Sail area up
52.1 sqm
Sail area down
157.3 sqm
Date : Crew Weight

Description :

This boat is a no compromise racer yet features a comfortable and roomy interior – powerful upwind, awesome downwind!

Sailing :

This boat is a no compromise racer yet features a comfortable and roomy interior – powerful upwind, awesome downwind!

With the masthead or fractional spinnaker this is a no compromise racer – it can take you at a pace you’ve never been before. The large carbon fibre rig dismantles into 2 pieces for ease of trailering.

The T870 has excelled in Europe, Australia and the USA where it has won many races in its first year. Its light weather performance is second to none.

The rotating prod assists in sailing low downwind angles with asymmetric spinnaker. The light weight of the yacht means towing is easy with a large car.
Launching can be from ramp or crane using the keel mounted lift point.

Drawings are also available for the home builder, some components can be supplied by us to help the build process.

Purchase and Build Options :


The T870 is designed as a one design with the added advantage of being a superb PHRF racer often beating much larger boats around the course.
The designers have utilises the latest VPP software to help create a boat that is very fast and stable upwind yet exhilarating downwind.

It features a very roomy boat both inside and out without sacrificing and of the performance characteristics.
The rig is simply setup with the ability to adjust the mast bend as required with the permanent backstay. The mast is designed with the mainsail roach to bend in the puffs and allow the mainsail to exhaust.


The T870 is construction using our unique temporary female moulding system, Resins are epoxy with a foam core and eglass laminates.
The keel and rudder are constructed using eglass laminates and carbon fiber stiffening.


Rig – The mast is carbon fiber with an aluminium option for the budget conscious. Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders and boom.
The bow pod is articulating and carbon fiber.

Deck Fitout – Full Harken fitout with winch options.

Sails – Mainsail, light and medium jib with a heavy air option. Spinnakers are asymmetric with two masthead and one fractional.

Trailer and launching – The boat can be trailer launched using the custom keel winch or dry sailed with the central lifting hook.

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