T7 Design

Dimensions :

7.0 m
2.5 m
0.46 - 2.0 m
Sailing weight
650 kg
Crew Weight
320 kg
Complete boat
330 kg
Sail area up
38.2 sqm
Sail area down
109.0 sqm
Date : Crew Weight

Description :

A fast trailerable rocket. Lightweight and versatile racing yacht that is easy to build.

Sailing :

Easily sailed by 4 or less crew the T7 is a low coast production boat and is an international one design with limitations on sail replacement each season.

Exhilarating sailing due to large rig and light weight, the T7 is easily handled due to its high ballast ratio. Perfect for sailors who may have been out of sailing for some time and want all the thrills without much of the expense of a larger yacht.

A smaller boat also means finding less crew.

Easily trailered behind the family car, the T7 can be ramp or crane launched using the keel mounted lift position. The simply stayed carbon fibre rig needs no backstays and controls and kept to a minimum to promote totally simple sailing enjoyment.

The T7 can also be purchased in “trainer mode”, with detuned rig size, dacron sails, fixed keel for hardstanding and modified deck layout – perfect for training programmes.

Purchase and Build Options :


Lifting keel
Rudder type – Transom Mast stepping – Mast step


Vynalester resin and foam core – vacuum bagged Hull – topsides – Paint
Hull – underwater – Epoxy
Deck – Gelcoat

Deck – Non skid – Moulded

Spars and rigging

Mast Carbon
Boom Carbon
Prod Carbon
Spreaders Aluminium Vang type Purchase 12:1 Stays SS wire

Deck gear

Deck equipment – Ronstan Chainplates – Custom Stainless Steel


Main hatch – washboard


Mainsheet 8mm
Jib sheets (2) 6mm Spinnaker sheets (2) 8mm Tack Line 6mm
Traveller 6mm
Halyards 6mm

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