T450 Design

Dimensions :

4.5 m
1.9 m
1.2 m
Sailing weight
245 kg
Crew Weight
150 kg
Complete boat
95 kg
Sail area up
10.6 sqm
Sail area down
32.6 sqm
Date : Crew Weight

Description :

The T450 was designed as a beach launching boat with a bit of lead in the centreboard to enable daytime mooring.
Sail the fun boat with 2 or 3 crew
Features an optional jib rig configuration

Sailing :

Sail with the sensation of going a million miles an hour with a keelboat safety.

This is one FUN little boat! Perfect for entry level sailing to regatta racing. The T450 can be sailed by any combination of two heavyweights, four youngsters, or Mums and Dads.

Anyone can get out and enjoy the simple pleasure of sailing.
It’s fast and sporty but so easily sailed. Perfectly balanced with only main upwind, it really lights up when you pop the spinnaker for that downwind excitement.

Effortlessly towed behind a small family car the T450 can be trailered to your favourite sailing spots, be they harbours, bays or lakes.

You do not have to be large and powerful to sail this boat as it has been specially designed with the younger or smaller sailors in mind.

Purchase and Build Options :

– 2 configurations:
Beach (Main + Gennaker)
Regatta (Main + Jib + Gennaker)
– two piece carbon mast with internal track
– the mast pulls apart
– mast sits in the spar racks on the deck
– hinged mast base
– spreaders are removable
– carbon boom
– recess in deck for boom
– retractable carbon bow prod
– the rudder is lifting by just lifting the tiller
– pulling the rudder forward, it will lock in any position
– also there is a round knob on the end of the tiller that allows you to adjust the rudder balance while sailing
– the keel is locked in position by a simple spring loaded bolt under the deck that pushed a pin into the keel that locks it in position, up or down
– keel lifting is internal in the mast
– large cockpit hatch for internal access and storage, self draining thru transom
– adjustable hiking straps
– the dock trolleys are really nice from rounded tube and big radioused corners
– covers package available
– mast racks for transport
– racks for keel and rudder storage in cockpit
– road trailer

The T450 is constructed from female moulds with a marine gelcoat finish. The hull and decks are light yet strong utilising vacuum bag techniques for the Vynalester resin, eglass and foam cores.
The keel and rudder are laminated inside female moulds using solid cores.

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