The T980 is available as an owner build or by your boatbuilder.
T980 Sport is available with shorter cabin for the serious racer.
LOA 9.8 metre
Beam 3.4 metre
Draft 2.7 metre
Sailing Weight 2600 kg
Crew Weight 600 kg (7 people)
Complete boat 2000 kg
SA UP 66.2 sq. m
SA Down 184.2 sq. m

The room and space of a cruiser but aggressive race challenger and line honours winner

The ideal club racer - the T980 has all the Thompson design attributes of excellent windward ability and exhilarating downwind performance with cruising capability.

A simple, roomy interior, large cockpit matched with sail controls mounted close to hand means this boat can be sailed competitively by a racing crew of 7, or easily crewed by fewer for those weekends away.

Light in weight yet strongly constructed the T980 can be trailered due to the lifting keel option and ramp or crane launched using the keel mounted lift position.

Lifting the keel is push button simple with the electrically operated hydraulic control system.

Motoring out to the race course is easy under the internal sail drive with two bladed folding propellers.

Refer to our designers
Sailing and tuning guides for more information on sailing these boats.

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building your own boat.

The T980 is designed as a one design with the added advantage of being a superb PHRF racer capable of beating the 40 footers around the course. IRC = 1.124.
The designers have utilises the latest VPP software to help create a boat that is very fast and stable upwind yet exhilarating downwind.
It features wide and comfortable side decks and a large cockpit, all of the sailing controls are simple and easy to use.
The rig features a topmast or optional twin topmast backstay .

The hull and deck are constructed in our system using temporary female moulds, epoxy resins and foam core with eglass laminates

Two pot paint with non-skid deck

E-glass, carbon fibre, expoxy core with integral bulb

E-glass, carbon fibre, and epoxy core

Mast and prod - carbon fibre
Boom and 3 spreaders - alloy
Rigging - Dyform/rod

Deck fitout

Vang, cunningham, outhaul, prod rotation control, jib inhaul

Ropes and cordage

18 hp saildrive with 2 bladed folding propeller with remote controls

Stationless steel pulpit, pushpit, 3 stanchions per side with twin s.s. wire lifelines

Low profile main hatch with drop in washboard
Lewmar 18 round foredeck

1 x 75 amp/hour battery with 8 circuit switch panel and volt metre, 5 internal lights, nav. Lights on pulpit and pushpit, mashhead light and motoring light

Build your own T980
This design is available to build yourself or by your boatbuilder.
We offer extensive drawings and build methodology with full size templates and advice throughout the construction and tuning process.
Find out more about building your own boat.

Documentation for the T980 Components Available
Construction Drawings with full size patterns Mast and rigging
Full size patterns for temporary moulds Construction material
Building Methodology Deck gear
Construction specification Sail package
Parts list Keel lead bulb
Email support Lightweight saildrive

World wide supply
We are happy to ship drawings, components and material anywhere in the world.

We offer a set of study prints for this boat to help you assess the cost and buildabilty of this boat.
The study prints contain the material list, build methodology and component list for the boat.
We also provide the cost of the components required for supply by us.
There is a charge for the study prints, however the cost is deducted from the drawing price when the purchase is made.

How to obtain the drawings or study prints
Simply click on the link below and fill our your details with you request and we will email you with the information you need to obtain the study prints or drawings.

32.1 feet
Beam 11.2 feet
Draft 8.9 feet
Sailing Weight 5720 lb
Crew Weight 1320 lb
Ballast 2200 lb
SA UP 713 sq. ft
SA Down 1983 sq. ft

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