The T8r is available for amateur construction or for your boatbuilder.
LOA 8.0 metre
Beam 2.5 metre
Draft 2.2 metre
Sailing Weight 1200 kg
Crew Weight 450kg (6 people)
Complete boat 750kg
SA UP 45.7 sq. m
SA Down 136.5 sq. m

This is the ultimate 8 meter sport boat with trailerable beam. The T8 is the most successful trailer yacht in Australia over the past few years.

The concept of the Thompson 8 meter is for a boat that is capable of winning races in conditions that are stable and easily sailed short handed or fully crewed and can be easily towed behind a medium sized car. The hull shape developed is finer than usual with a healthy ballast ratio, giving an easily driven hull form and greater than normal stability.

Weight is saved above deck by increasing spreader width and reducing mast size, non overlapping headsails are used. The simple three spreader rig does not need backstays and the mainsail roach is carefully configured to produce the right amount of layoff in the carbon rig, this allows the mainsail to exhaust as the wind puffs. The Thompson 8 Meter has proven itself on the racing circuit both in New Zealand and the USA with an incredible race record in both countries, showing great speed to weather and stable easily controlled blasting downwind speed .

The hull and deck is constructed using fiberglass and foam core vacuumed over male moulds giving high strength and yet retaining the lightness required by such a high performance yacht.

Deck gear is kept simple with two winches for sheet control and the remainder of gear dinghy style for lightness, strength and simplicity.

The Rudder and Keel are both retractable in their own cases, the rudder is moulded carbon fibre construction, the keel is made of a composite of carbon fibre and a timber core which supports the low drag lead bulb. The boat can be lifted by a crane from the centre of the top of the keel or launched by trailer.

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Sailing and tuning guides for more information on sailing these boats.

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building your own boat.

The T8
r is designed as a pure race boat.
The designers have utilises the latest VPP software to help create a boat that is very fast and stable upwind yet exhilarating downwind.
It features wide and comfortable side decks and a large cockpit, all of the sailing controls are simple and easy to use.
The rig features no permanent backstay with rig tension adjusted from an optional hydraulic ram under the mast. The mast is designed with the mainsail roach to bend in the puffs and allow the mainsail to exhaust.

The T8
r is constructed using eglass/carbon laminates and epoxy resin with a foam core. Carbon fiber is used for additional stiffening where appropriate.
A cedar stripped plank building method is available but with our simple to build methods in foam it is not recommended.
Plywood internals are used with a simple grid system of foam ringframes.
The keel and rudder are constructed using carbon fiber stiffening.

Rig – The mast is carbon fiber with an aluminium option for the budget conscious. Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders and boom.
The bow pod is articulating and carbon fiber.

Deck Fitout – Full Harken fitout with winch option.

Sails – Mainsail, light and medium jib with a heavy air option.
Spinnakers are asymmetric with two masthead and one fractional.

Trailer and launching – The boat can be trailer launched using the custom keel winch or dry sailed with the central lifting hook.

Build your own T8r
This design is available to build yourself or by your boatbuilder.
We offer extensive drawings and build methodology with full size templates and advice throughout the construction and tuning process.
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Documentation for the T8r Components Available
Construction Drawings with full size patterns Mast and rigging
Full size patterns for temporary moulds Construction material
Building Methodology Deck gear
Construction specification Sail package
Parts list Keel lead bulb
Email support Lightweight saildrive

World wide supply
We are happy to ship drawings, components and material anywhere in the world.

We offer a set of study prints for this boat to help you assess the cost and buildabilty of this boat.
The study prints contain the material list, build methodology and component list for the boat.
We also provide the cost of the components required for supply by us.
There is a charge for the study prints, however the cost is deducted from the drawing price when the purchase is made.

How to obtain the drawings or study prints
Simply click on the link below and fill our your details with you request and we will email you with the information you need to obtain the study prints or drawings.

26.2 feet
Beam 8.2 feet
Draft 7.2 feet
Sailing Weight 2640 lb
Crew Weight 990 lb
Ballast 990 lb
SA UP 492 sq. ft
SA Down 1469 sq. ft

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