The T780 is a sports boat with canting keel and is available for owner construction.
LOA 7.8 metre
Beam 2.5 metre
Draft 2.2 metre
Sailing Weight 1000 kg
Crew Weight 360kg
Complete boat 640kg
SA UP 43.8 sq. m
SA Down 114.2 sq. m

This boat is an evolution in sport boat technology.

The T780 uses a canting keel that is activated by hydraulics using an electric pump and with hand remote control from the cockpit

One of the features of this system is its safety and ease of use. The bonus is that the keel can be lifted for dry or ramp launching and the beam is within normal towable limits.
A feature of this boat is the forward cunard. The cunard is retracting in its own case while sailing and has the ability to self rotate to enhance upwind performance. The rotation is adjusted by the crew for optimise performance

The rig features no backstay for ease of handling and yet retains the safety margins required to fly the large asymmetric spinnakers in heavy winds. The boat has been carefully designed to utilise the benefits of the canting keel downwind.

The canting keel design on the boat allows for the use of less crew yet provides additional stability than a similar conventional boat with more crew. Our estimates are a saving of 20% weight and an additional 15% stability.

The T780 has been designed with the owner builder in mind utilising the latest build technology developed by us.
The designers have utilises the latest VPP software to help create a boat that is very fast and stable upwind yet exhilarating downwind.
The boat features a carbon double spreader rig with I point jumpers for downwind sailing.
The mast is carefully designed to promote the extended roach to open out and exhaust the sail in the wind puffs.
The deck layout is very simple with minimal equipment.

The construction would be termed medium tech. with the use of epoxy resins, foam core and carbon/kevlar laminates.
The keel and rudder are laminated using a foam core and eglass laminates with carbon fiber stiffening where required.


– The mast is carbon fiber with two spreaders and a jumper for topmast control at the I point. No backstay is required
Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders and boom.
The bow pod is retracting and articulating and carbon fiber.

Deck Fitout – Full Harken fitout is specified with cabin top winches for halyards and spinnaker sheets.

Sails – Mainsail, Large roached mainsail in choice of material to suit the owners application. Two jibs are required.
The spinnakers are asymmetric, one masthead and one fractional.

Trailer and launching – The boat can be trailer launched using the custom keel winch or dry sailed with the central lifting hook.

Build your own T780
This design is available to build yourself or by your boatbuilder.
We offer extensive drawings and build methodology with full size templates and advice throughout the construction and tuning process.
Find out more about building your own boat.

Documentation for the T780 Components Available
Construction Drawings with full size patterns Mast and rigging
Full size patterns for temporary moulds Construction material
Building Methodology Deck gear
Construction specification Sail package
Parts list Keel lead bulb
Email support Hydraulic keel system

We offer a set of study prints for this boat to help you assess the cost and buildabilty of this boat.
The study prints contain the material list, build methodology and component list for the boat.
We also provide the cost of the components required for supply by us.
There is a charge for the study prints, however the cost is deducted from the drawing price when the purchase is made

How to obtain the drawings or study prints
Simply click on the link below and fill our your details with you request and we will email you with the information you need to obtain the study prints or drawings.

25.6 feet
Beam 8.2 feet
Draft 7.2 feet
Sailing Weight 2200 lb
Crew Weight 792 lb
Ballast 550 lb
SA UP 472 sq. ft
SA Down 130 sq. ft

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