The T770 is a new design due to start production in 2007.

53 000 USD
2007 price for the complete boat without sails delivered anywhere.
LOA 7.7 metre
Beam 2.5 metre
Draft 2.2 metre
Sailing Weight 1280 kg
Crew Weight 400kg (5 people)
Complete boat 880 kg
SA UP 48.5 sq. m
SA Down 138.0 sq. m

The T770 has been designed to fill the needs of a family orientated support boat providing a roomy boat with sparkling performance in the Tboat tradition.

The boat has been kept to 2.5 meter beam to enable easy towing behind the family car and to fit onto a shipping container for world wide sales.

The interior is one piece with full berths and a double in the saloon.
Provision has been made for a head forward that can be closed off with the ring frame curtain.

The mast is deck stepped with a ring frame support reducing the need for a mast post internally for better interior volume.

Launching is easy with the center point lifting or lifting keel for ramps.

The boat features a simply stayed carbon fiber rig with articulating carbon bow prod.

The boat will excel in all wind conditions and will thrill with the easily handled asymmetric spinnakers.

Strict class rules have been formed to encourage inexpensive and competitive sailing.

Composite construction with foam core.
Carbon fiber laminated keel and rudder
Three piece monococ construction, hull, deck and internal liner
Internal mast support needs no mast post
Lifting keel and rudder for trailering with maximum 2.5 meter beam

Sleeping berths for 5 adults
Full galley with two burner stove
Saloon table forms into full double berth

Carbon mast with two spreader rig
Articulating bow pole
Overlapping jibs with asymmetric spinnakers
10hp sail drive that is lightweight and low drag
Socketed stanchions for easy removal
Deck gear is setup for effortless two handed sailing
Backstay is only required when racing using spinnakers
Transon hung rudderl

Keel is lifting with electric winch option
Center point lifting at top of keel for dry sailing
Fits onto 40ft flat rack container for easy shipping

This boat is available as a full sailaway package with additional items selected by the owner.
The options available are listed in the boats specification.
The owner has the option of supplying and fitting the deck hardware.

How to obtain a T770
The T770 is built in Asia to a very high standard and is available through our dealers or direct from us if there is no dealer in your area.
Simply click on the link below and fill out the details with your request and we will email you the information you will need to order your boat.
We are happy to ship anywhere in the world.

25.3 feet
Beam 8.2 feet
Draft 7.2 feet
Sailing Weight 2816 lb.
Crew Weight 880 lb.
Ballast 990 lb.
SA UP 522 sq. ft.
SA Down 1486 sq. ft.

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