The T590 is available as a complete sailaway package.

3 boats fits one 20´container.
LOA 5.86 metre
Beam 2.38 metre
Draft 0.3 - 1.6 metre
Total boat weight 230 kg
Crew weight 220 kg (3 people)
Keel weight 140 kg
Total sailing weight 590 kg
SA UP 25.4 sq. m
SA Down 62.4 sq. m

Sail with the sensation of going a million miles an hour with a keelboat safety.

This is one FUN little boat!
Perfect for entry level sailing to regatta racing. The T590 can be sailed by any combination of two heavyweights, four youngsters, or Mums and Dads.

Anyone can get out and enjoy the simple pleasure of sailing.
It's fast and sporty but so easily sailed. Perfectly balanced with only main upwind, it really lights up when you pop the spinnaker for that downwind excitement.

Effortlessly towed behind a small family car the T590 can be trailered to your favourite sailing spots, be they harbours, bays or lakes.

You do not have to be large and powerful to sail this boat as it has been specially designed with the younger or smaller sailors in mind.

Refer to our designers
Sailing and tuning guides for more information on sailing these boats.

The T590 is designed as a One design.
The designers have utilises the latest VPP software to help create a boat that is very fast and stable upwind yet exhilarating downwind.
It features wide and comfortable side decks and a large cockpit, all of the sailing controls are simple and easy to use.
The rig features a carbon fiber mast and boom and is simply stayed for ease of control. The mast is designed with the mainsail roach to bend in the puffs and allow the mainsail to exhaust.
The boat features a spinnaker bag in cockpit for effortless launching and retieval

The T590 is constructed from female moulds with a marine gelcoat finish. The hull and decks are light yet strong utilising vacuum bag techniques for the eglass, Vynalester resin and foam cores.
The keel and rudder are laminated inside female moulds using solid cores.

The mast and boom are carbon fiber.
Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders.
The bow ppod is retracting and carbon fiber.

Deck Fitout – Full Ronstan fitout.

Sails – Mainsail, Large roached mainsail in choice of material to suit the owners application. Jib.
The spinnaker is asymmetric retrieved into the spinnaker bag.

Trailer and launching – The boat can be trailer launched using the custom keel winch or dry sailed with the central lifting hook.

This boat is available as a full sailaway package with additional items selected by the owner.
Complete T590 price is 19 690 USD including shipping and sails.
The options available are listed in the boats specification.

How to obtain a NEW T590
The T590 is currently being built in Asia (Vietnam) and is supplied to customers direct from VN or through our international dealers.
We offer discounts for multiple purchases.
The boat can be packages three at a time into a 20ft shipping container making importation an viable option.
Simply click on the link below and fill out the details with your request and we will email you the information you will need to order your boat.
We are happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Available Options
Trailer - galvanised incl. cradles and mast supports, EU certified.
Outboard motor bracket.
Outboard motor.
Tacktick instruments with mounting bracket.
Component cover package.
Hull colour choice.

19.2 feet
Beam 7.5 feet
Draft 5.2 feet
Sailing Weight 1320 lb
Crew Weight 484 lb
Ballast 308 lb
SA UP 273 sq. ft
SA Down 672 sq. ft
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