Production Boatbuilding

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Production boatbuilding expertise
We have specialised in helping boatbuilders setup and build boats and offer our expertise in design and production boat manufacturing.
We work with our client boatbuilders to design a boat specific to the boatbuilders and market requirements and provide the expertise to put these boats into production.
Our service extends from design through mould making to setting up production and producing through to commissioning boats.

We offer our services to clients wishing to produce boats in a manufacturing environment regardless of design. We are able to help on a consultancy or contractual basis in all aspects of boat manufacture and are experienced in all types of manufacturing technologies.

We provide study prints for

Boat design
We are able to produce a design specific for your needs based on the boatbuilders and market requirements..

Design and production drawings
reated from the customers requirements and our input.

Mould and plug manufacture
Hand laminating - plans are available for owner or boatbuilder construction. generally the plans

Manufacturing projects
Some of our past and existing projects are listed below

Design Location Comments
Thompson 7 Austrailia Popular sport boat class racing in Australia
Viper 830 USA Built in USA currently many sailing
T870 Australia Great 30ft sport boat suitable all the family
T980 Australia 32ft of fun, suitable offshore racing and cruising
T590 New Zealand Great 3 man boat now available with jib
T680 Czech Built in the Czech republic
China 35 China Built in China for the domestic and Asian markets
L680 China Great racing in high tech sport boat
Stomp38 Vietnam IRC capable built in Vietnam
T7 Vietnam New T7 design built in Vietnam
T450 Vietnam Great family fun boat
T420 Vietnam New design based on the Laser size
opT Vietnam Ab adaptaion of the Optimist for training

Please enquire direct to Steve Thompson for further information.

Boat design
Production drawings
Mould manufacture

            Mould setout