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Design Philosophy
I believe that sailing boats should be fun and easy, whether you are racing or just messing about in boats. All of our designs are well balanced, stable and light on the helm to provide an exciting ride both up and downwind.
We use the latest technology to produce our designs, our VPP programs are accurate and we are continually improving them through feedback from our boat owners.

Design process
The process by which we design our boats is described below.

1. Design Outline -  Outline the design by the customers requirements, including the function of the boat, the size and the budget
2. Analyse the competition -  If the boat is a racing yacht we next gather data on the boats we
will compete against and analyse the boats performance using our own VPP software.
3. Set Performance Targets -  From the analysis of other boats set the performance targets for the new design.
4. Design and Test -  Design the new boat using computer modeling and using estimates of weight calculations. Then test the boats performance against our targets using our VPP software.
5. Complete Preliminary Design -  When the boats performance is to our liking then the preliminary design work is complete and a full weight calculation of the boat is made. If required we Redesign the hull to conform to the displacement our weight study provides.
6. Test Yachts Performance -  With the new weight study we then retest the boat to ensure the performance requirements are achieved.
7. Construction Drawings -  Construction and engineering drawings are then completed with the rig calculations for the sparmaker.
8. Complete Working Drawings-  Working drawings for the boatbuilder are produced for the production of the boat.
9. Provide Patterns -  Full size patterns in electronic format are provided ready to print or cut with CNC technology. The foil

Custom Designs
Custom designs are created from the customers requirements and our input.
We initially spend time with the client free of charge to ensure we have a complete understanding of the design brief. From this brief we provide sketches and figures for the clients approval before proceeding with the design per the steps in the design process outlined.

Stock Designs
The stock plans are available for owner or boatbuilder construction. generally the plans are ready within two days. Each of the design are optimised with our latest foil and rig technology.
All of the drawings are provided in electronic format and placed in a password protected folder on our web site to be downloaded by the client as required. Each design is optimised for the clients needs with their choice of build methodology and optimisation of material available.
Stock Designs

What we provide
Performance targets and polar values,
Full construction drawings outlining all material placement and type.
Deck and rig layouts.
Internal fitout with plumbing, electrical and engineering drawings where required.
Deck gear and parts lists.
Rig setout and rigging specification.
Full size frame drawings for moulds and internal bulkhead patterns.
Foil drawings with full size patterns or 3D CNC drawings supplied.
All drawings are supplied in electronic format.
Note! We do not provide mast or spar laminate designs. However we do supply stability information for the mast designer.

Study Prints
We provide study prints for each design that will provide information in order that you can cost out the boat.
The cost of the study prints is deducted from the cost of the drawings when purchasing the full set of plans.

Included in the study prints:
Renderings and photos of the boat when available.
Build material lists.
Deck gear component list.
Rigging and sail plans.
Selected drawings to enable basic knowledge of the boat construction. Build methodology.
Performance and stability information.

Fees and client services
We do not6 provide a list of fees for our services and drawing cost to the public but rather respond to each query individually.
Now that we are based in Vietnam our fees have been greatly reduced due to the reduced cost of overheads we carry. In general our fees are based on a royalty per boat which reduces in cost as the number of boat built increases. Please enquire direct to Steve Thompson for further information.
Design philosophy
Design process
Custom designs
Stock Designs
What we provide
Study prints
Fees and client services

Photo of T7 interior

            T30 rig


            Setout Drg


          Rudder setout