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Build yourself or with your builder
We create great designs that are easy for yourself or your boatbuilder to build. Our build methodologies have been developed from the New Zealand boatbuiling industriy and are both innovative and great to build with.
We specialise in designing light and strong boats that are economical to build and optimise materials avaialble to our clients.
Build your own boat woth our custom or Stock designs

Drawings provided
Our drawings are comprehensive and provide good details to enable the boat to be built.
Deck and rig layouts.
Internal fitout with plumbing, electrical and engineering drawings where required.
Deck gear and parts lists.
Rig setout and rigging specification.
Full size frame drawings for moulds and internal bulkhead patterns.
Foil drawings with full size patterns or 3D CNC drawings supplied.
All drawings are supplied in electronic format.
Note! We do not provide mast or spar laminate designs. However we do supply stability information for the mast designer..

Study Prints
We provide study prints for each design that will provide information in order that you can cost out the boat.
The cost of the study prints is deducted from the cost of the drawings when purchasing the full set of plans.

Included in the study prints:
Renderings and photos of the boat when available.
Build material lists.
Deck gear component list.
Rigging and sail plans.
Selected drawings to enable basic knowledge of the boat construction. Build methodology.
Performance and stability information

Building methods
Cedar strip - higns are created from the customers requirements and our input.
Femail batten hull - spend time with the client free of charge to ensure we have a
Male hull plugs - anding of the design brief. From this brief we provide

Laminating processes
Hand laminating - plans are available for owner or boatbuilder construction. generally the plans
Vacuum bagging - within two days. Each of the design are our latest foil and rig technology.
Infusion - awings are provided in electrotected folder on ouo be optimised for the clients

Resins - nce targets and polar values,
Fabric - struction drawings outlining all material placement and type.
Core - d rig layouts.

Keel construction
Composite keels - Essentially we use two ways to make our composite keels, either using a femele mould or making the shapes up and glassing over them. Incorporated in the structure is a carbon or steel beam to provide the strength.
Female moulding - The skins and laminate are placed into the two half moulds with the core. The two halves are joined together in the moulds.
Once cured the moulds are removed for painting.
When making the foils not in a female mould the best way is to make up the core with the structural carbon beam in two halves on a table using templates.Then glue the two halves together and laminate the outer skin over the top before fairing and painting.

Steel keels - You can make steel keels for performance boats in two ways.
Tin can method - This method uses a top and bottom plate that attaches to the hull and bulb and has verticle shear webs covered by a steel plate sheating.
Structural beam - Here we use top and bottom plates to join to the hull and lad bulb abd a steel structural beam. This beam is faired to the correct shape with foam or timber in the front and back of the keel.
The whole keel is then sheated in fiberflass and painted.

Rudder construction
Composite rudders are made in either female moulds or made in two halves and glues together before glassing. Much in the same way the composite keels are made in the description above.

We can provide
We can supply components for your boat from our factory or from nominated suppliers.
Spars and rigging - We make our own spars and rigging inhouse using a secially developed filament winding mackhine. Our mast sections are made with an internal track and are custom made for each design.
Deck gear - We can supply boat lots of Harken or Ronstan gear at great prices, shipped direct to you.
Printed full size patterns - Mylars and paper pattents prited full size and delivered ready to use.

Please enquire direct to Steve Thompson for further information.
Drawings provided
Study prints
Building methods
Laminating processes
Keel construction
Rudder construction
We can provide

            Mould setout