November 2000

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Comments from the Designer
Welcome to our November Issue of the Tboat newsletter

Well another 2 months has gone quickly, with almost another year passed and Xmas now just looming around the corner. Business has been extremely busy once again and with the help of our new sales manager Mark Rogers we have had an extra hand on board to further develop our projects and tasks.
As you know over the year we have talked a lot about our new little design the T590 and our plans to develop this prototype. We now have the tooling for the T590 currently underway and our first production boat is expected to be ready and complete for delivery in January 2001. We already have orders in place for the T590 and the orders are filling fast so make sure you contact to place your order in time so you don't miss your summer racing season. Mark will assist you with any questions and pricing queries on the T590 production boat.

We are able to build a number of T590's in time for the March 2001 sport boat regatta in Auckland. Anyone wanting to visit Auckland and sail his or her new boat in this regatta should contact us. We will also provide a day of training and supply a training sailor for the regatta if required. After the regatta the boats will be packed up and shipped to the new owner. For more information on the T590 click here to view our
design page.

There is a rumour that our designer is working on a very radicle big brother to the T590. We will have some news of this boat in our next newsletter. I am told this design is a radical development from the sport boats seen to date and is being designed with the expert sailors and graduates of the T590 programme in mind.

This month we had a visit from our Japanese agent Fuminori Takasaki (Taka) from Fukuoka. We have shipped the prototype T590 to Japan and we are assisting with setting up a training programme there. Our plans are to develop the market for T boats in Japan thru a network of agents in Japan. At this stage we have had an Interest in the T850, T30 and T35. We will keep you informed on further developments in Japan and any new boats headed that way. Taka can be contacted at Winds Corporation

Key West 2001
In Key West this year we will have boats in 4 different divisions this year. All our boats are sailing in the PHRF divisions. We will give you an update in our newsletter in December with instructions on how to follow the results.
The T35 Rumours sailed by Tim Woodhouse is is expected to feature this year at Key West, going head to head with much larger boats

Steve's visit to the USA January 2001
Steve will be travelling to the USA in January 2001 to attend the Key West regatta and will also be visiting in Seattle, Vancouver, San Fransico, Los Angeles and perhaps San Diego if this is necessary. We would like to encourage prospective Tboat distributors and/or new clients to contact us with you interest before Steve departure from New Zealand. This opportunity will allow you to meet and talk to Steve in person about his designs or distributorship of Tboats. Please contact us with your interest at
I have included below Steve's itinerary, however this is flexible if you contact us soon.

Key West January 10-20

Seattle Area January 20-25

USA West Coast January 25-30

New Design T830
We are developing a new sport boat in conjunction with Proyachting in the Czech republic. This boat will be the ultimate sport boat and is made from exotic materials. The boat is 8.3 meter in length and has a beam of 3 meter. It is due to be launched ready for the upcoming northern summer season. A full racing schedule has been arranged for this boat and it is sure to turn some heads wherever it goes.

Proyachting is a new company specialising in sales, production, services and sports activity for transportable sportsboats throughout Europe.

With years of experience in high-tech materials, Proyachting is concentrating on the sportsboats segment of the market. The company is well equipped to advise in all aspects of sailing and is happy to assists with any specific requirements. Proyachting is able to supply any type of "Tboats" yachts for the European market.

More information about the company, sportsboats in Europe, sailing experiences and the Team that will sail the T830 around Europe in the next season can be found at web pages.

We will do a full feature of this boat in next month's newsletter. I have however included a couple of images of the T830 just to give you a taste of what this new design looks like.

T850 news
Herb Cole and Charlie Adams will sail their new T850 in Seattle for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. It is due to start racing next week and will be at Key West, lots of people interested have looked at the boat in Seattle. We will feature more next month on this boat.

We are about to start production of the T850 moulds before Xmas so that this will allow us to produce more boats at a very competitive cost. The boats will be available with a lifting keel on a road trailer.

Sport Boat Articles
In New Zealand we have been setting up the New Zealand Sports Boat Association, and assist with the web site. New Zealand sport boats. We are affiliated to the NZ Yachting Foundation and run the National Sport Boat Championships with the help of affiliated yacht clubs. Our aim is to provide guidelines with a handicap and measurement system to foster good quality racing in safe and fun boats. Their website is Steve has written some fantastic articles about today's sport boats. This month we will feature Steve's first Article - Sport Boat, where are they headed today. We will feature an article for the next 5 newsletters and they will be available as a PDF format for you to download and read in your spare time. Next Newsletter will feature The Design of Sport Boats.
I recommend you check out our sport boat articles page, by clicking on the button at the top of this page or click here
sportboat Articles

Click on the icon to download and print a copy of our first sport boat article.
You will require a PDF reader to print the article.

Tboat Agencies
We now have agencies in the Czech Republic and Japan, their contacts details are below. Please contact Czech Republic, Proyachting at or check out their site

Japan our agency is Winds Corporation and they are contactable on

Remember our phone and fax numbers in New Zealand have changed to the following:
Phone: (649) 419-0922 Fax: (649) 419-0927

Our newsletter once again is available as a PDF file that allows the user to download the file onto their computer and print the whole document. If you refer to the top left of our newsletter you will see an icon for a PDF file, if you click on this you will be able to download our newsletter. For those unfamiliar with PDF you can go to our links page and download the Adobe PDF reader and this will enable you to read all PDF files
links or click on the right hand Get Acrobat Reader icon above.

Boat of the Month
Buckle up Spanky T8

owned by Mark Matthews in Australia is our boat of the month.
In August Buckle up Spanky was launched and raced for the first time at Hamilton Island and placed second overall in the sportboat division. This boat has received many favourable comments about the construction of this boat. The care and attention to detail is amazing. The boat was viewed by our designer and in his opinion he has commented that this boat would have to be the best constructed racing yacht ever produced for its size.

Mark Matthews in conjunction with Andy Turton are producing these boats and other larger Thompson designs in Brisbane (Australia) to the highest possible standard. This boat is for sale and any further questions on this boat or the design can e-mail to
T8 Buckle Up Spanky Racing at Hamilton Island 2000

T8 Buckle Up Spanky Racing at Hamilton Island 2000
T8 Buckle Up Spanky Racing at Hamilton Island 2000
T750 Boat Review
Hyper Performance -
+ T750 are Synonmous

Designed with the pure racing fanatic uppermost in mind, the T750 is a no compromise machine.
Developed from the T650 construction programme with a cedar or foam hull and foam cabin and cockpit sole.
This boat will be both inexpensive to construct both in terms of labour and materials due to the building techniques of the design.

To date the T750 has won her class at Hamilton Island Race Week in Australia and won many other titles in Australia. The winner of Hamilton Island this year from Coffs Harbour was C'est La Vie.
This design has developed in New Zealand over the last 2 years with a majority of these boats ending up in Napier in the North Island.

These boats can either be purchased as a complete boat or components available to any stage through Thompson Marine International. Please contact us for pricing breakdown. This design is available for home construction sold with full Mylar patterns for all temporary frames and internal components including mylar patterns for keel, rudder and bulb shapes. Full construction specification for all materials and components. Construction methodology is described from temporary frames to complete boat. A list of all construction material and a deck gear list from Ronstan will be provided.

The rig has been based on the T650 concept with no backstays required for the carbon or aluminium spar giving an easily sailed boat that provides for the mast to bend at the top to exhaust the medium roached mainsail. Sails are limited to 1 mainsail, 3 jibs and 2 asymmetric spinnakers. Extensive analysis has been carried out using the latest design VPP information to ensure performance is second to none for this size boat and is projected to be exciting in particular upwind due in part to the finer hull sections and stability provided by the large bulb. Downwind is exhilarating with the large easily carried asymmetric spinnakers.

For more information on the T750 please refer to our
editorial page or our design page

Below are a few photos of T750 Atomic, based in Auckland.

T750 lifting keel

Atomic leaving the dock

Atomic Sailing downwind under Gennaker

Principal Dimensions
Ballast 400kg

Atomic Sailing Upwind

Comments from our Boat Owners and Crew
Wednesday night dodge in Auckland, NZ.
Went for a ride on the ATOMIC last night, despite over enthusiastic spinnaker choice for the first leg & painfully slow change down & being 4th to the bottom mark behind 3 MAGICS, turned the corner & smoked them up wind included unnecessary observation of laid mark .. no course sheet on board. We finished about 5 minutes clear to collect the DOUBLE GOOD FUN HAD BY ALL this relationship could be growing into a LOVE AFFAIR
Kerry Desmond November 2000

Last night I raced on 'Atomic', the T750 based in Auckland. It was 20-25knots from the SW, and I have to say it was a truly awesome. Broad reach from the start down the harbour to 9 buoy with masthead reaching kite. A bit gusty but steadier, stronger wind further down past the wharves. In one gust we were planing and bouncing over the tops of waves -unfortunately no speedo. Shortly thereafter we ploughed down the face of a wave, buried the prod and the bow into the next wave, and came to fairly sudden stop resulting in a broach as I looked nervously toward the rig. I haven't done this stuff since racing my Javelin back in the '80's. Lost a bit of time in recovery and a few boats beat us to 9. Smoked them all upwind by the time we were back near the wharves. Increased our lead from then on to get line honours and 2nd on handicap ($90 prize). No doubt you all have similar stories from your sportboat experiences. It has merely confirmed my beliefs about these boats, which I formed racing on the T30 Wairere. What I don't understand is, if the 1st T8 was anything like the 750, why sell it?
Going fast & getting wet,

Leo Bouzaid November 2000

Race Results
The 2000/2001 Thompson 7 New South Wales State Championships Australia
Run on Botany Bay, Australia with great breezes and a well-run regattta.
Race Results kindly supplied to us by Kim Williams

The eventual winner was Chris Williams sailing his new boat "Go Ugly Early", with brother Kim Williams in "Rock'n Roll" second and the well sailed "Deadly Sins" with Paul Hayes steering, in third place. The pace of the regatta was such that all crews were very tired by the end of the first day of three races.

Chris Williams had four wins to cement his place in T7 history and showed everybody very consistent pace. Kim Williams was the only other race winner and couldn't match the boat handling and speed of his younger brother. Traks Gordon in "Nothing Else Matters" was placed fourth and was up in the placing's in most races.

Paul Hayes made a comment about too many Williams's on the race course late on the Saturday at the post race drinks, but was horrified to learn that Kim had his youngest brother sailing with him as well!!!!! Far, far too many

Everyone had a great regatta, and we should see many of the New South Wale's boats in Victoria, Australia for their states and regatta's.

As an added bonus the T7's were never caught by the Magic 25's at any stage of this regatta, both having their own starts with T7's Off first. Many Magic owners were very impressed by the performance and boat handling displayed.

I do apologise if I have missed any boats. Please we need your help to assist us with race results, regatta information and any news as it is not always possible for us to attend each regatta. You can contact us at
Priced from only $25 AUD per shirt, email us with your sizes boat name and we will forward these for your next regatta.
Mustard Cutter T750
Mustard Cutter under sail at Hamilton Island

Wild Thing - Maxi yacht
Wild Thing - Maxi Yacht


Ross 930 Testarossa
Round the Yards November 2000
New Zealand
More than 5 of the T750's under construction in NZ at the moment. We have the first class association meeting on the Friday night of the Wellington Sport Boat Regatta in December to.
organise a committee to administer the class rules. We expect to have more than 10 boats sailing this season. The Europeans have caught on to this boat as we are starting to get orders form Europe

The first 2 T590 being built in New Zealand will be out and sailing in January

A T30 is to be built in Europe. This boat fits within the Sport boat rule and has a good rating.

Two new T35 being started this month in Australia

Hull & Decks for Sale
We have a T850 hull and deck for sale in NZ

Boats for Sale
T750 - Mustard Cutter in Australia

Current Queensland Champion CBH & PBH. Winner Hamilton Island Race Week 1998 Sports Boat Division Numerous winning results. Launched May 1998. Stripped Plank Cedar Hull, Foam and Glass Deck and Bulkheads, C Spar Carbon Mast and Prodder, C-Net 2000 instruments with GPS Interface. Extensive Sail wardrobes Includes New Eickmeyer Mast Head Reacher & AP Fractional, North No.2 Headsail & AP Mast Head Asymmetric. Full suit of Doyle Sails new at launching. Bolt on wings increase beam to 3.1 meters, Ideal for the new Sports Boat rule. Two Bulbs 400kg & 300kg. Takes 15 minutes to change. Ready to Race and Win.
Mustard Cutter
T650 - Stormy 1 in New Zealand

70 Foot Maxi Yacht - Wild Thing
based in Australia

For those of you wanting something larger, this 70 foot maxi yacht, Wild Thing is for sale. Wild Thing is the fourth in a long, distinguished line of Australian ocean racers , tearing up the race courses in Australia and beyond. Her lines have been drawn by preeminent Australia naval architects, Murray, Burns & Dovell. 21 metres from stem to stern, Wild Thing, is a high-tech showroom of everything that makes the modern yacht fast.

Length 21.3 metres long
Beam 5.5 metres
Displacement 18 tonne
Ballast 10 tonne
Sail Area 260 sqm
T five ninety

T8Racer Hot 2 Trot - Australia

T650 Prozac - Wellington

Includes 2 mainsails, 3 kevlar jibs, 1 masthead spinnaker and 1 fractional spinnaker (both assymetrical)

Ross 930 Testarossa - Auckland

It is still proving very affordable for boats to be built in New Zealand or Australia due to the exchange rate, especially good for the US and the European market.

Up Coming Events to look out for:
Key West, Florida (USA) 15-19 Jan 2001 for information on the regatta check out

SORC Southern Ocean Racing Conference Miami (USA), 27Feb-04Mar 2001 for more information

Rotorua, New Zealand 27-28 Jan 2001, North Island Trailer Yacht Championship, for more information

Refer to for worldwide information on future yacht regattas.

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Feature on New Design T830
Photos and update on the T850 racing in Seattle
Key West Update

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