December 1999

Yacht Designer, Steve and Boat Builder discussing the T590
Yacht Designer, Steve and Boat Builder discussing the T590

T590 - Hull & Deck together
T590 - Hull & Deck together

T590 under construction
Some Comments from our Boat Owners and crew
Just thought I would send you an e-mail to tell you that I had the most awesome sail last night on Dave Eickmeyers T 8 (Sydney- Australia ) in about 25 knots of wind. The boat was smoking two sail reaching, passing 40's like they were standing still. I must say that I had forgotten how good a boat the T 8 is. On any point of sail it is fully balanced. It was going upwind like a train with a full main and No.3. You just can't have any more fun on a Thursday night. From Graeme Taylor sailing on the T8.

It's great to hear from you, Stormy1 (ex Pria Pism) now settled in Wellington (New Zealand), completely rerigged after breaking every halyard and sheet on the boat. Top speed so far 18Knotsin 35Knot's of wind with training sails and small gennaker, really looking forward to the Customfleet Line 7 Regatta this weekend. From Charles Clark sailing on the T650.

Keep the comments coming !!We love to hear how the boats are performing.

T590 - Design
The New T590 is our latest design, one of our most exciting small boats and has yet to be launched. With the help of our NZ suppliers this prototype boat has been designed as an international one design, built in (NewZealand). In designing this boat Steve has attempted to develop a boat that will be very easy for a novice to sail and yet be exhilarating enough for the competitive sailor to obtain a thrilling ride. Built with carbon fibre non stayed mast with carbon prod and boom. Included below are construction photos as well as drawings of this design.

Bottoms up

T590 Sail Plan T590 Drawings
Principal Dimensions
LOA 5.85 meter
Beam 2.2 meter
Draft 1.6 meter
Main 16sq meter
Spin 34sq meter

T35 New Design for 1999
The Thompson 35 has been designed specially for the American market, it fills the gap for a large racing yacht that is
capable of being towed on a trailer that can be dry sailed. This boat has a removable rudder and a lifting keel, there is a central lifting hook on the top of the keel for hoisting onto its custom built trailer. This boat is pure racing with a large roomy cockpit with all sailing controls carefully placed for ease of use, yet we have managed to provide a functional interior for
racing and short cruising.

Performance will be exhilarating with a large sail plan and a heavy lead bulb for added stability the boat is expected to be
capable of beating the forty footers upwind and to blow them away downwind. We have completed extensive testing on the design and have shown exceptional light air performance both upwind and downwind and yet a very stable and fast boat in a breeze. This boat is ideally suited for both inshore and coastal racing. The hull sections are a development of our
successful T30 being fine up front to allow the boat to sail well in a chop.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 11.3 meter
Beam 3.7 meter
Draft 3.0 meter
Disp 2500kg
Ballast 1700kg
The T35 will have a development class rule that will allow for some fine tuning of the boat and no driver or crew type restrictions however crew weight will be restricted.

Comments on the T30 & T35 from Tim Woodhouse of Rhode Island, USA
My experience with the T-30 began last year after the sale of my One Design 35 (spring of 99). Chris Bouzaid is an old friend and invited me to join the crew for the summer's campaign. Our first major regatta together was Block Island Race Week, in which we finished second in class. Our competitor's included several Henderson 30s, Melges 30s, and Mumm 30s. As is typical, the wind and tides are tricky and typically the fleet splits soon after the start. Our PHRF rating made it difficult to sail close cover, as we were spotting the boats in the other classes 6 and 9 seconds per mile. The trick is to cover the lead group on the favored side. Unfortunately, our rating dictated we get away from the fleet, and sometimes we were the recipient of an unfavorable shift by the time we got near layline. Our speed was the equivalent or better than most of the boats upwind with a healthy edge downwind. Due to a couple of bad tactical decisions on the upwind legs, we finished second in the regatta. In a couple of the races, we rounded the first weather mark in 7th or 8th position and were able to come back to second or third on the first downwind leg. We should've won had we been a little smarter and luckier.

The idea for the T35 was to take the sport boat concept and push the limits a bit further. I will be racing PHRF doing a mix of course racing and Category II offshore events. The problem with designing a boat for PHRF is that you do not know what factors are going to be penalized and to what extent. Designing a boat to a measurement rule is much simpler because the parameters provide the rating. It is likely the T35 will be sailing against old IOR 50s of the last generation, J125s, Farr 40s,and larger IMS yachts. Most of the buoy racing will be windward leeward on courses with two mile legs, normally twice around. To be competitive, the boat has to be a strong upwind performer so that it can hold its lane and position up the weather legs against large sailplans and potentially faster water line lengths. To achieve this, we chose a long water line for its weight and a fairly narrow water line beam to make the shape easily driven. The upwind sailplan has been optimized with a higher aspect ratio Mainsail and lower aspect Foretriangle than the T30 to give the sailplan more flexibility with Headsails throughout the wind range. The higher aspect Mainsail will react more favorably to smaller changes in mast bend, helping to shift gears in changing wind speeds and sea conditions. The ballast ratio is higher with a deeper proportional draft, lowering relative CG, in an effort to increase stability without relying on crew weight to hold the boat down. It is intended to race the boat with six or seven crew. Downwind speed will be delivered through masthead Asymmetrics tacked to a gybing prod. The sail area to wetted surface and displacement ratios are very high to give light air and moderate air performance, which should be exceptional for its length.

I also wanted a boat that could be easily transported around the United States behind a heavy duty standard vehicle The all-up weight of the boat with gear and trailer should not exceed 9,000 lbs. The boat will be towed with a heavy duty van, and I intend to do both the Chicago Macinaw and Port Huron Macinaw, which are over 300 miles in length.

Tim Woodhouse
President Hoods Sails USA

Priced from only $25 AUD per shirt, email us with your sizes boat name and we will forward these for your next regatta.
Moulds under construction at Concept Marine
Moulds under construction at Concept Marine

T750 - Mustard Cutter
Mustard Cutter under sail at Hamilton Island

Wild Thing - Maxi yacht
Wild Thing - Maxi Yacht
Boats for Sale
Hull & Decks for Sale
We have a 2 complete hull and decks available for the T850 and T750 in New Zealand, please contact us for prices on these boats. We are more than happy to offer just the hull and deck or other components if you wish to part build the boat yourself.

T750 - Mustard Cutter in Australia
Current Qld Champion CBH & PBH. Winner Hamilton Island Race Week 1998 Sports Boat Division Numerous winning results. Launched May 1998. Stripped Plank Cedar Hull, Foam and Glass Deck and Bulkheads, C Spar Carbon Mast and Prodder, C-Net 2000 instruments with GPS Interface. Extensive Sail wardrobes Includes New Eickmeyer Mast Head Reacher & AP Fractional, North No.2 Headsail & AP Mast Head Asymmetric. Full suit of Doyle Sails new at launching. Bolt on wings increase beam to 3.1 meters, Ideal for the new Sports Boat rule. Two Bulbs 400kg & 300kg. Takes 15 minutes to change. Ready to Race and Win.
Mustard Cutter
Please contact us for more details on this boat.

T650 - Stormy 1 in New Zealand
Thompson 650 Sportsboat Stormy 1 ex Pria Pism certified trailer Yacht T4114, superb performer, many successes including Royal Port Nicholson Spring Series, professionally built, strongly rerigged to withstand Wellington NZ conditions, Carbon mast and prod, Harken deck gear, spectra halyards and sheets, full Doyle sail wardrobe, 3 mains, one in carban fibre, 4 genoas, 3 gennakers, 5HP Tohatsu outboard, new galvanised trailer with alloy sports wheels.

70 Foot Maxi Yacht - Wild Thing in Australia
For those of you wanting something larger, this is a 70 foot maxi yacht, Wild Thing for sale. Wild Thing is the fourth in a long, distinguished line of Australian ocean racers , tearing up the race courses in Australia and beyond. Her lines have been drawn by preeminent Australia naval architects, Murray, Burns & Dovell. 21 metres from stem to stern, Wild Thing, is a high-tech showroom of everything that makes the modern yacht fast.

Length 21.3 metres long
Beam 5.5 metres
Displacement 18 tonne
Ballast 10 tonne
Sail Area 260 sqm
For more details

It is still proving very affordable for boats to be built in New Zealand or Australia due to the exchange rate, especially good for the US and the European market.

Please contact us for more details on any of the above boats

T Boats launchings
We have just 2 boats due for launching on New Years Day in Napier New Zealand. The T590 a new design with a very original name, named after the design the boat is called T five ninety, just so you won't forget this boat. This boat is owned by Steve (Tomo), a prototype boat supported by our local suppliers in New Zealand.

Brook Faulkner T750, Smoke Wagon will also be launched on New Years day in Napier. Look out for next months newsletter with photos of the parties and racing in Napier.

Round the Yards
Thompson 35
The first of the T35 is being built in Nelson, New Zealand by Concept Marine for a client in the US. I will include photos of this boat under construction next month.

Up Coming Events to look out for:
17-21 January Key West (USA)

Snapper Point Classic - Victoria T7 State Titles
at Mornington Yacht Club

MARCH 2000
TYA NSW State Titles - NSW T7 State titles
at RPAYC, Pittwater
(Sydney, Australia)

Australia T7 Championship - venue TBA

MAY 2000
Bay to Bay Regatta – Tin Can Bay Yacht Club
for Trailer sailors.

Hamilton Island – T7 Midwinter’s

Next Months Newsletter will feature:
- Race Results from Napier and photos of the launching of T750,
Smoke Wagon and the T590.
-Race Results from Keywest Regatta in the USA.

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