August 2001

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Comments from the Designer
We have been extremely busy this year dealing with a huge influx of enquiries and establishing our Tboats worldwide.
This newsletter is intended to keep our customers and readers informed of the changes within our company and to form the basis of our new monthly newsletter.

It is our intention to become a world leader in designing and supplying a range of exciting racing and cruising yachts world wide, not only will we have the best boats available but will have a very efficient inforstructure put in place to administer this company.

Recently I have appointed new staff to help with our development.
Jason Hayman has been appointed as Business Development and Marketing manager. Jason’s job is to create our network of partners and dealers worldwide and has already visited our partners in Australia and Europe and is currently in the U.S.A.
Chris Phillips has joined us as our operations manager and will look after the supply of products and qualities world wide to ensure a high standard of product is available worldwide.
Jocelyn McCall will be looking after office administration in Auckland.

We have a lot of very exciting projects underway and to come over the next few months and it is our intention to keep you informed with a regular newsletter from the beginning of September this year.

Global Stratergy for Thompson Design
We currently have a range of ten productions Tboats, the T590, T7, T750, T830, T870, T920, T980Euro, T1130 and the T1250. All ten of these boats will be in full production within the next twelve months in New Zealand, Australia or Europe. Currently, we are able to offer clients the T590, T7, T750, T830, T870 and the T980. Orders are building up fast and already we are looking at ways to increase production to meet demand.

Thompson Design is working with its partners in Australia, Europe, the United States and Japan to develop a worldwide distribution and dealer network. Thompson Design will administer a global marketing campaign and you should see Tboat representation at major boat shows and regattas in your area soon. We are being very particular about our dealer selection to ensure that our customers receive the after sales support and service they deserve.

As well as the production Tboats, all of our dealers will also offer additional Thompson products including deck gear packages, sails and rigs. Thompson Design will still offer custom design services and will be able to manage the entire process from concept through to finish boat for the client. This way we can be sure the customer ends up with exactly what they want at the end of the day. We will also be offering boat tuning and race program management services for Tboat owners.

Our main focus in creating this infrastructure and network is making ourselves more accessible to our customers. To this end we will be working ver hard to establish class and owners, associations and to develop initiatives to give Tboat owners access to information and resources that will enhance their ownership experience.

We are extremely excited about the future here at Tboats. We are determined to continue producing production and custom performance sailing boats that offer unparalleled and uncompromised performance, quality and value.

If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to come join the Tboat family and enjoy some
"Serious Motion on the Ocean"

If you are interested in becoming a Tboat dealer, please contact our Business Development Manager, Jason Hayman, at

One of our most exciting developments is the evolution of the T850,T30 and T35 designs. We have taken these designs and developed full female moulds for each; this allows us to create the best accommodation and strength without the addition of weight to the overall boat. These designs are being developed to appeal to a broader public yet with careful attention to detail have not lost any of the speed potential of the originals, in many cases have actually exceeded the original performance.

The first boat developed is the T850 now named the T870. I have included some photos below of the first boat being completed for our partners in Germany. The T870 is scheduled to be built in Europe, Australia and New Zealand from female moulds.
Interior is simple yet functional Interior looking towards the bow
Interior is simple yet functional
Interior looking towards the bow
Looking back towards the stern Exterior view
Looking back towards the stern
Exterior view
Exterior with prod extended
Exterior with prod extended
One of our more exciting design developments of late is the T920. This boat is a 30-foot racing yacht. It is a development of our T750 concept and sports removable wings that blend into the hull. The wings are removable to enable the boat to be trailed and transported in a shipping container. The T920 is a category 2 boat capable of extended coastal racing with bunks below to rest the crew. This boat will be a blast and will feature at this years Hamilton Island race in Australia. For more information on Hamilton Island Race Week which starts this week refer to this site

We will feature the T920 in our September newsletter. The T920 will produced in limited quantity in Australia with the first one available completely finished with sails, instruments, motor and a trailer @ AUD$190,000
Trice Bouzaid has received the first of 3 T590’s in Rhode Island and has surprised the locals with the speed and ease of handling the T590. We are under production in Auckland at our plant here with these boats.

A full update of all that is happened at Tboats will be given in the next issue of this newsletter at the beginning of September.

For submissions and results to the newsletter please email Jos at

Happy sailing

Steve and the Team

Sport Boat Articles
This months is our 3rd Sport Boat Article, titled Rigging and tuning of modern Sport Boats.
I recommend you check out our sport boat articles page, by clicking on our menu at the top of this page or click here
sportboat Articles

Click on the icon to download and print a copy of our third sport boat article.
You will require a PDF reader to print the article.

Tboat Agencies
We now have agencies in the Czech Republic and Japan, their contacts details are below. Please contact Czech Republic, Proyachting at or check out their site

Japan our agency is Winds Corporation and they are contactable on

Remember our phone and fax numbers in New Zealand have changed to the following:
Phone: (649) 419-0922 Fax: (649) 419-0927

Our newsletter once again is available as a PDF file that allows the user to download the file onto their computer and print the whole document. If you refer to the top left of our newsletter you will see an icon for a PDF file, if you click on this you will be able to download our newsletter. For those unfamiliar with PDF you can go to our links page and download the Adobe PDF reader and this will enable you to read all PDF files
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Race Results
The T35 owned and sailed by Tim Woodhouse of the U.S.A has been enjoying great success in winning her class in Block Island and winning its class in the Chicargo Mac series.
The T30 sailed by Chris Bouzaid won the NYYC annual cruise, which is a series of day races from point to point.
The T850 "Go Dog Go" owned by Charlie Adams and Herb Cole won its class in the recent Whidby Island race week and placed second overall for the regatta.
Our Europe cousins have been attending all their regattas in Europe with the recently landed T830 sport boat.

T750 - Mustard Cutter
Mustard Cutter under sail at Hamilton Island

Wild Thing - Maxi yacht
Wild Thing - Maxi Yacht

Ross 930 Testarossa
Round the Yards
A T30 is being built for Europe. This boat fits within the Sport boat rule and has a good rating.

Two new T35 being started this month in Australia

Boats for Sale
T750 - Mustard Cutter in Australia
Current Queensland Champion CBH & PBH. Winner Hamilton Island Race Week 1998 Sports Boat Division Numerous winning results. Launched May 1998. Stripped Plank Cedar Hull, Foam and Glass Deck and Bulkheads, C Spar Carbon Mast and Prodder, C-Net 2000 instruments with GPS Interface. Extensive Sail wardrobes Includes New Eickmeyer Mast Head Reacher & AP Fractional, North No.2 Headsail & AP Mast Head Asymmetric. Full suit of Doyle Sails new at launching. Bolt on wings increase beam to 3.1 meters, Ideal for the new Sports Boat rule. Two Bulbs 400kg & 300kg. Takes 15 minutes to change. Ready to Race and Win.
Mustard Cutter

70 Foot Maxi Yacht - Wild Thing
based in Australia

For those of you wanting something larger, this 70 foot maxi yacht, Wild Thing is for sale. Wild Thing is the fourth in a long, distinguished line of Australian ocean racers , tearing up the race courses in Australia and beyond. Her lines have been drawn by preeminent Australia naval architects, Murray, Burns & Dovell. 21 metres from stem to stern, Wild Thing, is a high-tech showroom of everything that makes the modern yacht fast.

Length 21.3 metres long
Beam 5.5 metres
Displacement 18 tonne
Ballast 10 tonne
Sail Area 260 sqm

T650 Prozac - Wellington
Includes 2 mainsails, 3 kevlar jibs, 1 masthead spinnaker and 1 fractional spinnaker (both assymetrical)

Ross 930 Testarossa - Auckland

Up Coming Events to look out for:
Hamilton Island Regatta - August 2001
Refer to for worldwide information on future yacht regattas.

Next Months Newsletter will feature:
Race Results from Hamilton Island
Information on New Design T920
Update on T590's

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