August 2000

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2. Boat of the month
3. T590 Special
4. Photos of the new T35 - Rumours
5. Comments from our Boat Owners and Crew
6. Race Results Hamilton Island Race Week
7. Race Results New York Yacht Club Rolex Race Week - Rhode Island
8. Race Results Block Island Race Week
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Comments from the Designer
Welcome to our August Issue of the Tboat newsletter
I have had a lot of fun over the last few months playing with the rig on the new T590. It has been a challenge but a very enjoyable experience getting the carbon fibre rig to a stage where it is efficient both upwind and downwind without resorting to having to adjust stay tension for different wind strengths. A simple solution came over a beer in the club when someone suggested putting a forward facing spreader on to the control mast bend upwind. It sounded all wrong but with no jib has proved to be very effective. Proving once again the simple solution is most often the best in yachting

Our workload has more than doubled in the past year so we have brought in experienced sailor and campaigner Mark Rogers to look after the promotional and sales side of our business. Mark will also provide help with some of our designs and build projects. Like most successful New Zealand sailors, Mark has come up thru our dinghy classed and has spent a number of years overseas successfully sailing and campaigning racing yachts. Mark can be contacted in our Auckland office by phone or on email at

We have a number of new projects on the go at the moment, one of which is a boat at 8.3 metres long for the European market. This boat will be at the forefront of the sportboat scene and is designed to be raced in Europe in the sportboat class there. It is being built and Marketed by Proyachting in the Czech Republic. More on this boat next month. Proyachting can be contacted at or check out their site

We have also opened a new agency in Japan. Winds Corporation will be marketing and distributing our boats in Japan. A new website is being set up at the moment but Winds can be contacted on

Please note we have changed our phone and fax numbers in New Zealand to the following:
Phone: (649) 419-0922 Fax: (649) 419-0927

Congratulations to the T750 and T8 for placing first and second in Hamilton Island Race Week and for upholding the record for the past 3 years. Next month we will be doing a feature on the T750.

In New Zealand the T750 design has proven to be popular so we have decided to build plugs in New Zealand for this design. We have 5 new T750's currently being built, ending up with more than 5 boats racing in Napier by the end of the season. We are in the process of developing a Sportsboat Association, with local yachting clubs in New Zealand hosting Sportboat Regatta's. This will provide competitive racing amongst all sportsboats based on a PHRF rating.

The Thompson 7 in Australia is still going well with a total of 12 boats now racing. We are currently looking at going into production with the T850 and T590 in Australia.

Happy sailing
Steve Thompson

Hello from Mark Rogers
Like a lot of Kiwis I was brought up racing dinghies and the family keelboat. Then moving on to the international keelboat scene in the mid 1970's, I have been competing world wide ever since. I look forward to my new association with Steve and Thompson Marine.
See you on the water

Best Regards
Mark Rogers

Boat of the Month
Wairere the T30 owned by Chris Bouzaid is our boat of the month.

T30 Wairere
T30 Wairere
Chris has been sailing Wairere for the past 18 months and has had some remarkable success in the 30 class in the US. He now gives time to all of the 30 class boats in the US and is clearly the fastest of these boats. Chris, never satisfied with his boat speed told me just last week after winning the North East PHRF and his local yacht club evening series that he is finally getting the full potential of his boat. He also mentioned that there is still a lot of learn about sailing. I guess this is one of the things that make yachting so enjoyable, you never stop learning.

T590 Specials
The first of the T590's is for Sale at a very special price of $22,500.00 NZD. We will ship anywhere in the world, shipping at an additional charge. Refer to our For Sale page five ninety for more details on this boat. Don't miss out this is a real special price for a great boat. For more details on this design refer to our design page design, or our photo gallery.

This month our newsletter is available again as a PDF file that allows the user to download the file onto their computer and print the whole document. If you refer to the top left of our newsletter you will see an icon for a PDF file, if you click on this you will be able to download our newsletter. For those unfamiliar with PDF you can go to our links page and download the Adobe PDF reader and this will enable you to read all PDF files links or click on the right hand Get Acrobat Reader icon above.

T35 Pictures
I do apologise for the quality of these photos, we received these by email so by the time we scanned them the quality did not look as good as we hoped but at least it will give you an idea of the design.

T35 Rumours

Rumours sailing upwind
T35 Rumours

Principal Dimensions
37 ft / 11.3m
12 ft / 3.7m
9.8 ft / 3.0m
6200lb/ 3600kg
Ballast 3520lb/ 1600kg

Comments from our Boat Owners and Crew
New T7 for RPAYC
Chris Williams Brother of current New South Whales (Australia) state Champ Kim Williams has a new T7 which has been launched this week ( 20/08/00). Chris sailed with Kim in the New South Wales states and is a former contender sailor and ex Tasar world champion. Chris was so impressed with the T7 that he had to have one. It even cost him a contract with his wife for completion of a major addition to his house before he was allowed to sail it. We all know who wears the pants around here!

Chris will be ready in time for the next New South Whales state championships at St. George Motor Boat Club on October 21/22 where it should be very close indeed for the trophy.

T8 Buckle Up Spanky
While in Brisbane our designer Steve Thompson had the chance to have a look at the construction of the latest T8 being built . In our designers opinion Buckle up Spanky is the best constructed racing yacht ever produced for its size. Care and attention to detail is amazing. Mark Matthews in conjunction with Andy Turton are producing these boats and other larger Thompson designs in Brisbane (Australia) to the highest possible standard. Buckle up Spanky, sailed for the first time at Hamilton Island and placing second overall in the sportboat division. This boat is for Sale.
Below are construction photos at an early stage before the deck is placed on. We will have more photos for you next month.

Race Results
We have lots of Results for you this month, the season is well underway in the states and both T35 Rumours and T30 Wairere have been fighting for the 1st spot. T850 Men at Work in Auckland is still winning a number of the local races and Wardy's rum collection is growing considerable by the week. One of our newest boats in Australia - T8 Buckle up Spanky raced for the first time at Hamilton Island with no teething problems and awesome race results. The T750 C'est la Vie, we hear from our New Zealand friends the boat was sailed extremely well at Hamilton Island and raced home to get 1st place.

I do apologise if I have missed any boats. Please we need your help to assist us with race results, regatta information and any news as it is not always possible for us to attend each regatta. You can contact us at

Hahns Hamilton Island Race Week 19-26th August 2000 (Australia)
This year we had 9 boats racing in the sports division at Hamilton Island, including 4 Thompson Boats. The sports boat Division included a new design Bakewell-White 8.4m, and two Elliott 7.8 an Elliott 770 and one Lidgard 8 metre.

This year the average wind speed for the week was 10 knots, with max 32-33 knots, 2 races on Race day 2 and 4 were abandoned due to lack of wind. The overall results finished up with Pierre Gal, owner of T7.5 from Coffs Harbour C'est La Vie finishing 1st over all. The next Thompson boat to finish second overall with remarkable results was Mark Matthew newly built T8 Buckle up Spanky, travelling from Brisbane and racing for the very first time. Then the two boats from Melbourne, Robert Davis who owns T7 Four Clean Skins finished in 5th place and David Stoopman boat, Smoke on the Water finishing 7th. I have included below the race results for our 4 boats in each of the 6 races.

As Hamilton Island Race Week has only just finished on Sunday, we still have to catch up with news and comments on the racing, so this will follow next month.

Hamilton Island Race Results has there own website you can visit on,

Race 1 - Lideman Island Race - Sat 19 August
Race 3 - Morning Race - Tuesday 22 August
Race 5 - Morning Race - Wednesday 23 August
Race 6 - Afternoon Race - Wednesday 23 August
Race 7 - Hamilton Island Challenge - Friday 25 August
Race 8 - South Molle island Race - Saturday 26 August

Yacht Yacht Type Race 1 Race 3 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8
C'est la Vie Thompson 7.5 1 3 1 1 1 1
Buckle Up Spanky Thompson 8 2 2 2 2 2 2
Four Clean Skins Thompson 7 6 4 3 5 5 6
Smoke on the Water Thompson 7 8 8 7 6 6 7
New York Yacht Club Rolex Race Week Newport July 14-18 2000 (U.S.A)
The second half of the second biennial New York Yacht Club (NYYC) Race Week at Newport. For its first five days, the nine-day regatta, which is presented by Rolex and features a unique split-racing format, served as the Rolex IMS Offshore Championships and the PHRF Championship for the New York Yacht Club Trophy. Now it switches gears to become One-Design Class Championships for 90 teams, sailing in seven classes.

I have included below the Press Release for a few of the days racing, so that you can read the comments and weather conditions during the week.

With a morning southeasterly whipping up to a good 20-25 knots by afternoon, seas became extremely choppy on Rhode Island Sound, where 34 IMS and 50 PHRF entries competed. PHRF Fifty yachts, divided into six classes, set sail in the first race of the New York Yacht Club PHRF Championship. The course, situated 1-1/2 miles offshore from Beavertail, saw winds around 18 knots from the southeast and confused seas. After six legs of an eight-mile course Wairere, skippered by Chris Bouzaid, won Class E.

The IMS fleet eventually started and completed a single race after the race committee moved to find wind, repositioning the course north of the Newport Bridge on Narragansett Bay where the 51-boat PHRF fleet had been relishing superb racing conditions since the daily start time of 11:00 a.m. In fact, the PHRF boats handily completed three races by the end of the day, allowing new leaders to rise to the top in six classes.
Tim Woodhouse's Rumours, a Thompson 35, which had broken its boom yesterday and suffered five points for not finishing the race, redeemed itself with finish positions of 2-1-1 today. In scoring, however, it still falls behind leader Wairere, a Thomson 30 owned by Chris Bouzaid of Jamestown, which won yesterday's race and posted a 1-2-2 today.
"It was a light-air, tricky day," said Bouzaid, who is three points ahead of Woodhouse and out of reach of the other players in his class. "It's between us and Rumours, now. Tomorrow is the distance race, so we'll see. We'll be watching Rumours, definitely."

Superb racing conditions kicked in for the final day of the PHRF competition. Southwest breezes ranging from 14-17 knots in one race and 15-20 for a second race cleared out an early morning fog, making way for 51 entries in six classes to complete their four-day competition.
Tim Woodhouse's new Thompson 35 Rumours succumbed to Chris Bouzaids' Wairere, a Thompson 30, when it finished 3-4 today to Wairere's 1-1. After winning the 19-mile distance race, Woodhouse knew that going into today's races he had no room for error, needing to post two bullets. He was hopeful for two races rather than one and got them, one at 9 miles, around a windward/leeward course five times, and the other at 7 1/2 miles, five times around. After winning his class at Block Island Race Week, Woodhouse's handicap rating for Rumours changed by 9 seconds. For this regatta, he owed Wairere 41 seconds a mile. "It's like golf, you go out and play and they change your handicap," said Woodhouse. "It's hard for me to pull out on Wairere, going downwind especially."

Division E consisted of our two Thompson 30 and 35 designs. The New T35 Rumours and T30 Wairere had some competitive racing between them. Racing against a Melges 30 Lighthorse and J/125 Strabo. Congratulations to Wairere, who after 7 races ended up the overall winner finishing first on handicap and Rumours finishing second.

For more details on this race refer to New York Yacht Club site

T30 Wairere

Yacht Yacht Type Rating Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7
Wairere Thompson 30 33 1 1 2 2 2 1 1
Rumours Thompson 35 -9 DNF 2 1 1 1 3 4
Lighthorse Melges 30 42 2 3 3 4 3 2 2
Strabo J/125 -6 3 4 4 4 4 4 3
Block Island Race Week 19-23 Jun, 2000 (U.S.A)
One of the most popular early summer regatta in the US is the Block Island Race Week. Boats from over 17 different states and Europe to kick off the summer racing season. Club Racers and Grand Prix competitors are separated into 12 classes and two divisions will mix it up in the waters off beautiful Block lsland. Race Week veterans are here in force with over one-third of the fleet returning for their third consecutive Block Island event. This even-year event is promoted and organized by Premiere Racing, Inc. which also manages the world-renowned Yachting Key West Race Week. You can find out more information about this race week at

Racers faced everything from very, very light breezes to 20-knots, crystal clear skies and restricted visibility, providing sailers with with the kind of weather most sailors only dream about. the 137-boat fleet ended up with a challenging six-race series.

Great results from both T35 Rumours and T30 Wairere raced in Division 1, Class B - PHRF1. This was Tim Woodhouse first regatta sailing on his new boat Rumours. With four 1sts, a 3rd and 4th place this gave Tim the winning spot. Chris Bouzaids raced T30 Wairere for his home port, Auckland. Out of the six races, Chris finished in 2nd place twice, one 3rd, two 4th places and a 6th place to finish 3rd overall. The Division had 9 boats in total competing, including J/125, Melges 30, Henderson 30 and ID35.

Results over the 6 races are as follows:
Yacht Yacht Type Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6
Rumours Thompson 35 1 1 3 1 4 1
Wairere Thompson 30 2 2 4 4 6 3
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