From T850 "Waka" and "Men at Work III" and "Rapid Ride" and T870 "Astruso" - New Zealand:

RaceTrack - unofficial NZ boat ranking

All available T850 and T870 results from New Zealand. RaceTrack is a database of New Zealand yacht performance information. It uses published race results to build comparison information on how much quicker (or slower) one yacht is to her competitors.

RaceTrack list include all Tboats actively sailing in NZ.

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From T870 "Stand Aside" - USA:
8/1/2007 - "Stand Aside" comming to Key West

..."What a fun boat! We have enjoyed moderate success the last few years with the "red sled", and can't wait to rip down the keys. These boats are so much fun and fast, but yet the numbers here in USA are low? We'll get a report in after the race, Phil, Chris, and all the rest of the anarchists that know the Steve Thomo boats, we'll see how we stack up with the FT-10's. Should be fun! ...

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From T850 "WAKA" - New Zealand:
21/12/2007 - Waka's White Island Race Experience

Round WhiteIsland Race won by Two Handed entry "Waka". Waka won the Two Handed Division and also event overall on PHRF ! Well Done !

"With a forecast of dying westerlys, then Variable 5kts and the chance of afternoon seabreezes for the next 4 days it was looking like it could be a long race?. Being the smallest boat in the fleet at 8.5m and also one of the few shorthanded entries, we knew this forecast although painfull could potentially be good for us to get a result.

Myself and Jonty Cullinane, Waka's owner and skipper, had put plenty of preparation into this event as it was going to be our training run and qualifier for the Round North Island 2 handed race in Feb 08. ..."

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From T850 "WAKA" - New Zealand:
12/12/2007 - "Waka" Sponsorship Proposal

The Round North Island race presents your company with a real opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of people. The race is a big event on the sailing calendar with a huge following as well as being an event for the local communities during the stopovers.

Promote your Brand with Waka Racing Team!!!

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From T850 "WAKA" - New Zealand:
12/12/2007 - 1500nm offshore on a Thompson T850 "Waka" Report:
Anasazi Racing Sponsors "Waka" for the Round North Island race. James Burwick the solo sailor who is halfway thru his around the world solo adventure is the first sponsor to get on board with "Waka".

James is setting off for Capetown South Africa as soon as there is a weather window available to make the dive south into thru the roaring 40s, furious 50s and into the southern ocean.

His boat ‘Anasazi girl’ a finot designed open 40, has undergone a refit in Auckland over the last few months and is now ready to go complete with 3 new sails form North Sails New Zealand customized for the trip in the southern ocean.
James is hoping to Set a new record from Auckland to Capetown.

As an avid adventurer, Mountain climber and shorthanded sailor, he saw the challenge in the round North island race aboard an 8.5m trailer boat and decided to offer his help getting the campaign to the start line.

The RNI is a grueling 1500nm race around the North island of NZ with 3 stopovers, Mangonui, Wellington and Napier what makes this race truily special is the fact that each boat will be competing with only 2 crew.

"Waka" is a Thompson 850 sportboat which has had more than its fairshare of winnings this year taking out almost every coastal race, including First overall in the white island race and night race to kawau, first in division in the coastal classic and 2nd in division in the Tauranga race.

Crewed by experienced sailors Josh Tucker and owner/skipper Jonathan Cullinane, they have a good chance of a podium finish.

With this impressive record the next big challenge was obviously the Round North island race 2 handed. With all the extra preparation needed to get the boat up to cat 2 there was obviously going to be some budget constraints.
James’s donation comes in the form of chartering the boat for a day to allow a disadvantaged sailor the chance to get out on the water.

With the money from ‘Anasazi racing’ it has allowed Jonty and Josh to confirm they will be entering "Waka"in the RNI Race.

There is still a major sponsorship opportunity available including naming right for the team.
We have a proposal ready to go, any enquiry’s can be directed to or 021 2222 143.

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From T870 "Stand Aside" - USA:
5/12/2007 - Stand Aside Team 2007 Results

Western Lake Erie
Boat of the Year 1st PHRF A

AYC Boat of the Year
1st PHRF A

NCYC Regatta Series
1st PHRF A + 1st PHRF Overall

Lake Erie Offshore Trophy

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From T850 "WAKA" - New Zealand:
31/10/2007 - 26th HSBC Coastal Classic

First on Handicap in Division Two
Jonathan & Victoria Cullinane

The HSBC Coastal Classic is the biggest coastal race in New Zealand, and one of the biggest in the world. It started life 26 years ago as a drag race between Auckland and Russell for just a few boats, and over the years attracted a bigger and more diverse fleet, consisting of grand prix racers, America’s Cup boats, and small family cruisers.

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From T850 "WAKA" - New Zealand:
5/2/2007 - Bay of Islands Sailing Week - 1st place

Division D, 20 entries
8907 Thompson 850 Waka 3 1 1 (9) 1 3 2 2 1 14 1
9347 First 34.7 First by Farr 1 2 3 2 (6) 4 1 1 2 16 2
69 Ross 830 Thirsty Work 5 3 5 5 3 1 3 3 (9) 28 3
182 NZ37 Namu 2 5 14 4 2 2 4 4 (raf) 37 4
T3949 Elliott 780 Final Decision 8 4 2 3 7 (10) 8 6 7 45 5
4771 Farr Moonshine Escapology 4 6 (19) 18 4 6 7 5 6 56 6
6851 Ross 30 Cool Running 6 (14) 8 1 13 7 6 13 3 57 7
4694 Young 88 Inner Circle (11) 9 6 11 9 9 5 9 8 66 8
6742 Birdsall Native 10 8 10 6 11 (ocs) 11 7 4 67 9
6718 Beale 9.6 Cadillac 9 7 12 7 5 5 12 (raf) raf 78 10

From T870 "Silberpfile" - Germany:
2/12/2006 - Eiserne Regatta Results

1 SUI 01 evanesse Herzig Patrick abraxas 10.5 SSCRo 84 02:03:13 02:26:41
2 GER 14 Speedy Home Rammelsberger Uwe Bavaria 35 Match SG Stern 90 02:13:41 02:28:32
3 AUT 31 ThomahaXX Hackspiel Thomas X-35 YCB 87 02:09:49 02:29:13
4 GER 001 Tboat Silberpfeil Kirgis Mike Tboat T870 YCDe 85 02:09:19 02:32:08
5 SUI 11 Aluette Seger Bernhard 8er BSV 91 02:23:59 02:38:13
6 SUI 124 CHARISMA Künzli Andreas DY 35 YCK 90 02:24:31 02:40:34
7 GER 399 NN Eimer Thomas X 99 YLM 91 02:26:54 02:41:26