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RaceTrack - unofficial NZ boat ranking

All available T750 results from New Zealand. RaceTrack is a database of New Zealand yacht performance information. It uses published race results to build comparison information on how much quicker (or slower) one yacht is to her competitors.

RaceTrack list include all Tboats actively sailing in NZ.

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From Jermak T750 - Poland:
January/2008 - Turning the Hull No1

From Jermak T750 - Poland:
5/12/2007 - Undercoat

... first layer of undercoat being applied on hull #1 ...
Jermak, POL

From T750 "Lola" - USA:
23/11/2007 - First Testsail

... We finally got her in the water. It was hard to get a good feel for the boat with the quirky 3-8knot shifty winds, but it was quite an eye opener that the boat is so responsive.
A week later we tried again in fair 3-6 knot winds. The pics on the water are from that jaunt.? Very balanced, very quick and I couldn?t get the grin off my face.? In the pic with the kite, we are going 5.2 in 4.5 knots of wind.
We have a job ahead of us learning this new go-fast and all of us are itching to get at it, but I intend not rush it and break things. I?ll keep you informed on our progress and send pics as we get them.? Our first scheduled big regatta will be Charleston Race Week (South Carolina) in April. In the meantime, we will be finishing outfitting the boat and getting in practice when the weather (and work) permits. ...
Dennis Hannick, "Lola", US 88

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From T750 "Rocking Girl" - Germany:
November 2007 - The Berlin Boot Show in late November 2007

... the Michael´s Krammer T750 as the eyecatcher for the Segler Club Gothia at the Berlin Boot Show ...

Picts copyright by - Joachim Rieken

From Jermak T750 - Poland:
November 2007 - Making the Deck

From T750 "Rocking Girl" - Germany:

17/10/2007 - Senats-Preis 2007 - Berlin

4x Line Honours
2nd place under ORC Club Handicap

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From T750 "Lola" - USA:
16/10/2007 - Sailing soon

... A few pictures of the finishing touches being put on the bulb and blade of Jay's baby "Lola". This was the last of the to do list on the boat. We will be sail testing and getting the rig right over the next few weeks. Everything is really coming out sweet as Jay did one hell of a job on the boat. I will send a few sailing shots along in a couple of weeks ...
Kevin Lineberger, "Lola", US 88

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From T750 - Australia:
September 2007 - T750 C'est la Vie Updates

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From T750 "Rocking Girl" - Germany:
15/6/2006 - Here a few news from TBoat 750, Rocking Girl, GER 001

The team with helmsman Michael Kramer have started the season 2006 with 3 small races:

Position 12. from 68 yachts, position 5. from 22 yachts and position 5. from 28 yachts.

The "20 hours" at the M?ggelsee in Berlin brought the first success. At 6-9 wind forces we started at saturday at 3 a clock p.m. The wind keeps up all night long. In 20 hours we sailed 187,9 nautical miles. But there was only 18 % to sail with genacker. This 18 % we sailed with 19 - 22 knots.
Result: fastest kiel-yacht and a new round-record.

And the last 3 races:

" Max Oerts Cup", 35 nautical miles, 3. place from 60 yachts, wind 3 wind forces
"60 nautical miles from Berlin", 1. place from 81 yachts, wind 0,5 - 3 wind forces
"Wannsee - M?ggelsee - Cup", 1. place from 143 yachts

with best regards

Michael Kramer
Rocking Girl owner and skipper

From T750 "Rocking Girl" - Germany:
Berlin Yardstick Cup Series 2005 (197 boats)

T750 GER 001 - skipper Michael Krammer - - 1st place
T750 GER 002 - skipper Michael Kerstan - 9th place

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From T750 - Czech Republic:
18/8/2004 - ORC Sportsboats Europeans (Lake Luzern - Switzerland)

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From T750 - Czech Republic:
26/7/2003 - Sportsboats Euro Cup - German Open 2003 (Trawemunde - Baltic Sea)

6x line honours from 8 races

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From T750 - Czech Republic:
15/9/2001 - Centomiglia (Lake Garda - Italy)

T750 CZE001 - Mono-Proto A Class, 1st place

From T750 - Australia:
27/8/2000 - Hahns Hamilton Island Race Week 19-26th August 2000

This year the T750 was the overall winner of the Sport Division at Hamilton Island, with our Thompson boats winning for the 3rd year in a row. A total of 9 boats raced in the sports division at Hamilton Island, including 4 Thompson Boats. The sports boat division included a new design Bakewell-White 8.4m, and two Elliott 7.8 an Elliott 770 and one Lidgard 8 metre.

This year the average wind speed for the week was 10 knots, with max 32-33 knots, 2 races on Race day 2 and 4 were abandoned due to lack of wind. The overall results finished up with Pierre Gal, owner of T7.5 from Coffs Harbour C'est La Vie finishing 1st over all. The next Thompson boat to finish second overall with remarkable results was Mark Matthew newly built T8 Buckle up Spanky, travelling from Brisbane and racing for the very first time. Then the two boats from Melbourne, Robert Davis who owns T7 Four Clean Skins finished in 5th place and David Stoopman boat, Smoke on the Water finishing 7th. I have included below the race results for our 4 boats in each of the 6 races.

As Hamilton Island Race Week has only just finished on Sunday, we still have to catch up with news and comments on the racing, so this will follow next month.

Hamilton Island Race Results has there own website you can visit on,

Race 1 - Lideman Island Race - Sat 19 August
Race 3 - Morning Race - Tuesday 22 August
Race 5 - Morning Race - Wednesday 23 August
Race 6 - Afternoon Race - Wednesday 23 August
Race 7 - Hamilton Island Challenge - Friday 25 August
Race 8 - South Molle island Race - Saturday 26 August

Yacht Yacht Type Race 1 Race 3 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8
C'est la Vie Thompson 7.5 1 3 1 1 1 1
Buckle Up Spanky Thompson 8 2 2 2 2 2 2
Four Clean Skins Thompson 7 6 4 3 5 5 6
Smoke on the Water Thompson 7 8 8 7 6 6 7

We have another 3 T750 underway in New Zealand. The latest T750 was launched February 2000 in Napier, New Zealand. Smoke Wagon is owned by Brook Faulkner started with an unbeatable record with 3 wins under its belt, winning by a margin of 3 - 5minutes, the last 2 races the boat has placed 2nd on handicap. The T750 is in the same division and beating 3 young 11, an Elliot 1050, Farr 38 and Ross 31. We will have more racing results this season when all the new T750 are completed and are racing.

We are still waiting for more racing records from our T750 owners. Once the results are received they will be published onto our site.