From Autralia, Thompson 7 & 8 fleet:

January/2008 - Geelong Skandia Week - Australian Sports Boat Championship & Thompson 7 Nationals

1st place TEAM G.U.E. Thompson 7


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From USA, Ben Landon:
September/2007 - Jazz Cup

"... couple of shots of our new main taken during last weekends Jazz Cup,  Higher aspect ratio than the last main with more roach but not radical at the top, will have to play with the rig quite a bit too get it perfect . The halyard lock did not hold hence why it is 4-5" down on hoist. (working on that too) Race was good won our division which included flying tigers, synergy 1000 mumm 30 etc  and second overall . We raced with 3 because the up wind is relatively short and the last 10 mile is very light traditionally.  many people were again asking  about the boat ."

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From USA, Ben Landon:
June/2007 - Delta Ditch

"... shot of our new kite, very powerful, had a good Ditch, first
in division beat most of the Melges and all of the Antrim 27's"

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From USA, Ben Landon:
May/2007 - Konocti Cup

"...Here is another one for you Steve, the boat is wicked in light air, beat the melges boats boat for boat and a bunch of the top u20's and wabbits, next mission is the delta ditch, very strong winds but all down hill,
We love the boat, many positive comments coming in about it "

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From USA, Ben Landon:
April/2007 - Midwinters

"...Some more results for your web site. All the bay midwinter winners get to fight it out for the chump of chumps, we were no 1 chump"

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From USA, Ben Landon:
March/2007 - Champion of Champions Winners Race

"...Hi steve, your boat just won the Champions of Champions out here in the berkeley midwinters (by 2 secs) Huge chop and wind from 25 knots at the leeward mark to 5 knots at the top mark so a tough race on a 21 ft boat. We did see 19knots downwind though.."

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From USA, Ben Landon:

"... long time since emailed you. been racing the T650 a bunchback here in San Francisco. The boat is amazing, we seemed to have sorted out its groove and we are tough to beat , been embarassing that new FT10 boat for boat which is sad for them."

From USA, Ben Landon:
September/2006 - Jazz Cup

"Hi Steve we just finished the Jazz Cup last weekend, had a great race, first mono-hull corrected and second over the line, third overall out of 100 plus boats with the two that corrected on us being two huge DCATs/Prosails . We actually beat the Melges, boat for boat after a great match race and the Mumm 30 only finished 2 minutes ahead!

Here are a few pictures, the race was a combination of a short 2 mile beat followed by a 20 mile reach and a 6 mile downwind, wind range 10-20 knots. The T650 is an impressive boat downwind with its low wetted area. We had a good battle with a Melges 24 which upwind we matched, on the reach he had a slight edge but downwind we could motor right through him using much deeper angles. ..."

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From USA, Ben Landon:
July/2006 - Boat is comming to San Francisco

was lucky enough to find a T650 for sale in Vancouver BC in early 2006. Recently we bought it back down to San Francisco bay to race and have been very excited about the potential of this boat so far.
The annual Delta Ditch run is a 67.5 mile downwind ride with 160 boats entered. The race committee erred and started us in a slower division 5 mins behind the Melges 24's and Ultimate 27's. 15 miles into the race we had caught all the Ultimates and 3 of the 10 melgii. With wind speeds in the 20's we were averaging 15-18 knots with top speeds in excess of 20 . Rapidly catching a Mumm 30 and the top of the Melges fleet led by Jes Banks. I think awesome would describe the handling of this boat, we could sail far deeper than the Melges and Ultimate's which meant fewer gybes and in total control
unlike our melges 24 bretheren who were doing some spectacular broaching. Often time we sailed by the lee with the masthead rotated out as far a conventional kite to cut inside the Melges. Correcting out over the entire monohull fleet was not going to be a problem until within 10 mile of the finish a broken lower rudder gudgeon ended our race. We will be back next year to finish the job.
Great boat Steve thanks."

From NZ:
September/2001 Armegeddon Results - Winter Series, Wellington, NZ

This fantastic design has something to be proud of. Armageddon was 1st home overall, in all divisions on line and handicap. With the margin to 2nd boat 5min20sec. Armageddon has won 5 out of the last 6 races sailed.
The opposition is pretty much a mixed bag down under with designs lining up including Beale 9, Elliot 9, Elliot 6.5, Farr 1020, Y88, Lotus 10.6, Davidson 37, a couple of Lidgard's and an assortment of others.

The main competition for line honours in the Winter Series came from The Beale 9m and the Elliot 9m. The various boats have their day with the diversity of weather conditions encountered in the Marlborough Sounds.

Winter Series 2001
Race 1 - Third over the line (only 10secs behind the first boat) but out the back door on handicap.
Race 2 - DNC. Too cold and miserable for me (snow on the hill tops around the Sounds).
Race 3 - Cancelled (gale force conditions)
Race 4 - Armageddon. 1st handicap and fastest time all divisions by 4min 55sec (2nd was an Elliot 9)
Race 5 - Armageddon. 1st handicap and fastest time all divisions by 20min 41sec (2nd Elliot 9). That is not a typing error 20min 41sec.
Race 6 - DNC (escaped to the warmer climate of the Whitsunday's and sailed on an Adams 52 in the Hogs Breath Race Week).
Race 7 - Armageddon. 1st handicap and fastest time all divisions by 25sec ( 2nd Beale 9m)

July/1999 Whidbey Island Race Week - United States

The first regatta and race for Work Release T650 was Whidbey Island Race Week. This is the first T650 in the states and this boat is owned by a group of four. Steve joined the crew and helped the team finish the final building of the boat. Unfortunately they missed the first 2 races and it took the crew a couple of races before they sailed with confidence. Racing against Martin 243, Hob 133, Melgis 24 the division included a group of 8 boats. On the first race which was actually the 3rd race Work Release placed, 3rd overall, 4th race 7th, 5th race a 1st and 6th race a 3rd to finish 6th overall. A shame the regatta didn't have a few more races, I am sure we would have since better results. However congratulations to the crew for making the effort to finish the boat and at least make the last 4 races . We look forward to Work Release competing again in 2000 and more favourable results.