Tboats produce complete boats and designs for performance racing and cruising yachts to the highest possible standards. Our design company is Vietnam based with partners, dealers and boat builders worldwide to market and produces our production and custom boats globally.

We offer an ever increasing range of innovative boats and designs Through the effort of our design leader Steve Thompson, who has completed in the New Zealand yacht racing scene with distinction. Steve has a background in engineering and has been involved in the development of many of our innovative construction and design systems that are employed in New Zealand today.

Our design philosophy of computer generated analyses of design performance and continued research will ensure our designs are kept ahead of our opposition for years to come.

How to get a Tboat
Our designs can be classified in three categories:

Boats produced by Tboats
Production boats are produced from female moulds. Construction drawings are not available for production boats.

Current production boats are:
T450 Beach and T450 Regatta, T590, T7 and T11

Custom Designs - Owner build
All custom designs are available to our customers either to be built by themselves or their own boat builders. We welcome enquiry from all boat builders for our custom designs. Some custom designs are semi-produced by our boat builders. Have a look through our website and select designs that best suit your requirement or let us know of ideas you may have for a new design.

- Click on the design enquiry button and list all relative information for your requirements, making sure you let us know if you would prefer and production boat or build yourself.
- We will respond by answering your queries and sending you more information on the design for you.
- Further information will be provided for the constructive feasibility and costing of our designs after you have faxed us a signed copy of our confidentially agreement and the appropriate fee.
- Where appropriate we will put you in contact with your local dealer who will Liase with our builders for the supply of your boat.

Build your own boat
We will support amateur or professional builders to help build our designs.
We have developed many innovative building methods for one-off and semi-production boats and have designed our boats to utilize construction materials suitable to our builders.
Boats can be built using foam or cedar core with a choice of resin and fiberglass cloth from eglass to exotics.
Our constructive drawings are extensive and are provided in hard copy or electronic form. Our plans include:
- Constructive Drawings
- Full size Patterns
- Build Methodology
- Mould construction drawings and patterns
- Hardware List

Tboats can provide components for your Tboat through our suppliers, components including:
Kit boats
Spars and rigging
Deck gear and hardware
Keels and rudders
Saildrive motors specially developed for racing yachts.

Tboats build by Partners / Dealers Boat Builders
Our boats and designs are marketed worldwide, through a network of Partners in the worlds yachting regions and a subnetwork of dealers and boat builders.
If you are interested in becoming a dealer or building boats for our network please contact Thompson Design.