There’s something magical about being on the water on your own boat
One you’ve chosen right from the start to fit your needs, and your lifestyle.
Whether it’s for racing or a cruising boat, it’s now possible to own a high performance boat that is light, fast and easy to sail. 
Tboat designs are created to give you the boat you’ve always wanted.

Why choose Tboat Design

After more than sixty years of sailing experience, and thirty plus years of boat design and building, I’ve developed innovative methods to help you build your boat.
I love the power of using the latest design software to refine my designs. They are designed to be built using modern build materials, The result? High performance yachts that are efficient in the water and easy and fun to sail. 
My boat designs have been built around the world, providing many thousands of hours of enjoyment on the water.

You can either use a STOCK DESIGN or a CUSTOM DESIGN to build your boat.

Building a boat is not for the faint hearted. There’s work and effort to be done, whether you are doing it yourself or project managing it from afar. But when it’s launched and you’re on the water, every moment will have been worth it. 


• We talk together to help define the boat you want and decide if you need a custom or ready-made design, and who will build it.
• We scope out your project, customising a stock design or start from scratch on a new custom design
• Plans are delivered, ready to be built and launched, help is only an email away

“I have worked with Steve to design and build my own custom T9 canting
racing yacht in Australia. I can highly recommend Steve’s design and
build processes to make the experience easier.
Check out my experience building the boat here”
Johnno Whitfield

Open Johnno’s full experience

What can you expect from a TBOAT design

• A highly functional, high performance design
• Complete performance analysis and engineered design
• weight conscious, using modern materials
• Plans and directions that are simple to follow
• Full sized templates
• Detailed materials and parts list
• Drawings
• Detailed build methodology
• Support during the building process

Steve Thompson from Tboat talks about his Tboat design
and the difference between custom and stock boat designs

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